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Originally posted by Erina
Yes i would use the "R" version if i could try it out. Only download i have found is the beta u version. But i will soon have a new install of win2k and i will then try this version out again. Might solve all problems.
Well the "R" version is REGISTERED, you get what you pay for...

All I can say is that I run both my sites on 2k srvpck 4 with no
issues, other than that the uptime is based on 2K itself on
when it decides to puke...

Spend the 10.00 - well worth it...


PS: use ghost to clone your 2K setup, use a 5 gig partition and
clone the sucker once you have done the first install "BEFORE"
adding anything - then when things go BOOM, all you do is load
up ghost, 3 mins later your perfect 2k is there - I have 7 ghosts
of my setup at different stages - never have had to reinstall from
SCRATCH - only the initial install...

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