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Default Odd problem...

Hi everyone,

I'm encountering an odd problem. sometimes a user logs in for instance twice. He is entiteld to log in 3 times and logs in another time, he logs out with these account but the server still sees him as logged in. For some reason he doesn't timeout either.

So i kick his connect clearing his 3 places. The who shows he is no longer logged in. When this person reconnect the doesn't even get to the USER or PASS part. He just gets Connection Timed out.

It works for everyone besides this user, after restarting the server it works fine again. I've had this with 3 diffrent users so far and everytime it was fixed again after a restart. The ioFTPD.log, Error.log and ioBanana_error.txt show nothing.

I'm using latest version of ioFTPD and ioBanana 12b + ioA (latest version). Non are showing any bugs, i've tried to clear the Cache but this didn't help as well, i'm really clueless on what might be causing this. Deleting the user account and readding it under a diffrent name doesn't seem to work either. Its as if the IP of the user is somehow 'banned'.

Anyone have any clue?
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