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Default Crashing with CWD

I have the latest (at the time of writing) version of ioFTPD, ioZS and ioA installed on WinXP Pro...

I came back to my PC after having been transferring (very slowly from a slow site) about 500MB of MP3s to my site. I find it's stopped, so I log back in to try to resume the transfer, and eventually figure out that ioFTPD is crashing when i do CWD of any kind. I can log in, use site commands, refresh the dir list etc etc but anything involving CWD just crashes it, and it has to be loaded again.

Now as you can see this is a slight problem since it's inevitable that I have to change dirs sometimes

Log files say nothing other than the command just before the CWD (don't mention the CWD at all).

Not sure if this is to do with ioFTPD or one of the 2 scripts.
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