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Default Undupe works from command line but not through dzsbot .. help!

<userman> !gokuundupe tcf-ctgb.part29.rar

[14:33] <bot> Unduping...
[14:33] <bot> -----------------------
[14:33] <bot>
[14:33] <bot> -----------------------
[14:33] <bot> 0 dupes deleted.

C:\ioftpd\system>undupe.exe tcf-ctgb.part29.rar

Unduped: tcf-ctgb.part29.rar

1 dupes deleted.

my binary line in dzsbot.tcl is:
set binary(UNDUPE) "C:/ioFTPD/system/undupe.exe"

and it seems to be calling it.. but not unduping the file.. the dupe/undupe programs and the db is in the system directory.
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