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This is not possible as it is now due to that ioA gets a physical path from ioFTPD and that is the one ioA will use. This path as I have understood it is not the one that is the "2nd" one

Originally posted by Spies
Would it be possible to add something to the script so its nukes the second ccurence of the same dir (raided) in the vfs, the last mapped dir is the one thats going to be written to anyway so it makes sense that it should look there for the dir?

I will test this as soon as my computer stop rendering(150 hours from now). It should not be any problems but I know that this have happend before when using falty types. I'll look into it.

Originally posted by alturismo
seems another little bug in here, heh
as storm posted already in IRC,
nuking big releases crashes io completely
i tryed with 2 dvdr each 4.37 gigs, both crashed io
may that helps
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