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1 error and perhaps a typo I see.

1: trailing \ in this "c:\ftp\APPS\" Thats a no no
2: arent the group "ioftpd" Note the d

Originally posted by odd
Why dont my pre work :-/
Have tryed with some few changes and read some old post on pre in ioA thread but without any good results.

Pre_Area_0 = "APPS|Some APPS|c:\ftp\APPS\|/APPS|0"
Pre_Group_0 = "ioftp|APPS|/pre/ioftpd/*|0|0|ufo"

"c:\ioFTPD\site\ftp" /
"c:\ftp\APPS" /APPS
"c:\ioFTPD\site\request" /request
"c:\ftp\pre" /pre

Ive done what the manual tells me but still get this error:
200- Not valid PRE group
200- Not valid PRE type
200- Not allowed to pre from here
Useing 5.3.9r ioA 1.0.2 and the exe update. + some other scripts.
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