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Kepit Taja
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Exclamation Speed problems when FXPing

I got this weird problem after changed isp and bought new adsl box, when I transfer something from my own computer with FlasFXP it works fine the speeds are above 50KBs (I have 512/512kbit connection) BUT when I fxp the speed stays under 50KBs (all servers are much faster and with my former isp and its adsl box fxp has worked almost without problems) the interesting thing is that if I start transfer from my own computer at the same time it cuts the speeds half, somehow it seems that all data (fxped included) goes thru my computer.

I use NAT config in my adsl box and tried with and without firewall ofcourse.

My other OS's (Im using 2 different set, Win2k and XP) and FlashFXP havent changed in anyway when I changed my isp and to that new adsl box so it must be someway in my config. I have tried binding to local ip etc. but no help. Allthough FXP works but just slow.

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