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make .itcl on pc1 (with site) which would monitor ioftpd.log and on each new line
in Schedule you can only run something every minutes, or can we start a script on ioFTPD start with an "utimer" in ?
Atm : eggdrop connect to ftp on start, and do a "site readlog" every seconds. If nothing news clean the log "site cleanlog" else announce.
But : if i can put a utimer on a script that start with ioFTPD... i can use !putlog

connect to open socket on pc2 (eggdrop) and !putlog $line
Didn't know that !putlog exists

That way, no need to mod dzsbot so when next versions comes out, u can just update it right away without any mod.
I just modified the readlog proc to fit it with my way


I will take a look, thanks for your suggestions
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