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ZR-Tools uses the easiest way possible (freeware) to complete the tasks it was supposed to do. The problem with files not being deleted from the certain zip-files are because they are compressed using PK-ZIP. Not even WinRAR 3.x can delete files from those zips, says archive is corrupt. The zip needs to be repaired first.

About built-in zip-support... sounds a bit too complicated, at least for this app. But I can always speak to WarC about it. As I've said earlier, it was never intended to be such a big deal. Just a simple app to carry out some simple instructions. Don't know about the performance either. Think it works fast enough. If not, I can wait.

Easiest way to get rid of the archive corrupt thing is to wait for new Info-ZIP version 3.x that hopefully will have support for PK-ZIP archives.
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