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I've been thinking about both the ability to exclude paths and make ZR-Tools handle sections separately. Both are good ideas.

Another thing I've been thinking about is a seperate list for banning files on upload (that wouldn't be used when cleaning paths manually with ZR-Clean.exe) so you can deny upload of for example file_id.diz (leaving it to the zipscript to extract one from zip). At the same time file_id.diz shouldn't be deleted when cleaning path. This would just be an extra list (in addition to the ZR-Banned.cfg) that would be checked prior to checking regular ban-list. And it would only apply to [Pre] ZR-ban. Naming it ZR-Ban-F.cfg?

Back to the first two ideas...

Being able to specify path(s) that should be excluded from clean and ban is needed. You shouldn't have to disable the whole script just to upload something in requests or a maintenance-dir.

Separate ban-lists for different sections is not crucial. But I still think it's a good idea. That feature would make it alot easier of enforcing your site's rules. Banning certain groups in different sections and blocking different dirs containing certain text, for example being able to ban *complete* in all sections but not in dvdr. Or whatever other examples you can come up with.

So.. my answers are:
Excluding paths: YES, absolutely
Separate sections: YES, if not now.. then later
ZR-Ban-F.cfg: YES

I will discuss this further with WarC. Then it's his call if these new features should be added in the near future or not. Depends on how much he has to study and work on his other projects. And if we can come up with logical way on how to implement these features.
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