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In answer to phoenixfr's suggestion, ZR-Tools was never intended to have that kind of AI. That level of automation would take too much time to develop and would not be worth it, and not very accurate.

The example from zipclean that phoenixfr mentioned will actually not work. Some 0day-releases with multiple zips often has the rel-nfo in only the first or last zip-file. In the case where rel-nfo is in last zip, unwanted nfos could be injected in the other zips. Then if that nfo is not present in either banned or accepted list, when first zip is uploaded, automation would then add it to accepted list. What a mess!

I downloaded zipclean to have a look at it and found that the included purge.txt contained multiple entries of one or two nfos, and I saw ucf2000.nfo in there which is nfo for 0day-group UCF. Zipclean's list is not alphabetically sorted either.

ZR-Tools logs nfos that are not present in either banned or accepted list. The log also shows exactly what file contains that unknown nfo. Only thing you have to do is check that log once in a while to see if anything new and suspicous had turned up. Any half-good siteop keeps these lists up-to-date.

ZR-Tools is working exactly as I wanted it to from the start. Of course I have more ideas on how to develop it even further, but I'm very grateful and happy for how ZR-Tools is working right now. But who knows, maybe it will updated some time in the future, if WarC feels it is worth it.

When my banned and accepted lists have grown for some time I will probably attach them here. If anyone of you out there has a load of unwanted nfo-filenames that are still appearing here and there these days, feel free to update the ZR-Tools cfgs (alphabetically plz) and post them here. Suggestions are welcome even though there is no planned new version of the util.

Please let WarC know what wonderful work he has done!
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