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Very nice and usefull this one.

One little problem i do have.
Must be a user error but i'll ask for advice anyway.

I made a with 5 nfos that is on the banned list.
Cleaning this one from cmd works just fine. Trying to upload the nfos is blocked.
So far so good.
But when uploading this i only see this response:
226-Processing ZipFile...

And the nfos isnt removed.

From the cmd line it looks like:
Processing ZipFile...
deleting: af.nfo
deleting: trope.nfo
deleting: bps-0wnz.nfo
deleting: HAPPY-BDAY.jpg
deleting: hol.nfo

Ideas and hints would be nice.
Using windows Xp with sp1.
ioFTPD the regged version
ioZS v1.02
ioA 0.7.4
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