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Default ZR-Tools is launched!


so its finally released to the public. This is some small utils requested by Zer0Racer and is specially designed for him but some others might like them as well.


ZR-Tools v3.x Features

ZR-Clean Features
+ Clean within zip-files when uploading to ioFTPD.
+ Can be run manually as util in cmd or as script inside ioFTPD.
+ Clean zips and dirs recursively when run manually.
+ Removes comments from zipfiles.
+ Logs names and paths of all new (unknown) nfo-files.
+ Logs names and paths of all removed nfo-files.
+ Exclude paths where ZR-Clean should not be active.
+ Includes Zer0Racers lists with banned and accepted nfo-files.

ZR-Ban Features
+ Ban dirs and files from being uploaded in ioFTPD.
+ Section specific. Add your own sections to ZR-Tools.cfg.
+ Ability to use multiple ban-lists.
+ Exclude paths where ZR-Ban should not be active.

+ Converts ZR-Tools ban-list to FlashFXP skiplist format.
+ Usage: ZR-2F.exe <ban-list> <skiplist name>
Skiplist name should be SKIPLIST.DAT

EDIT by Zer0Racer: Merged ZR-Tools 1.x 2.x and 3.x threads. Here is link to post about ZR-Tools v3.x,
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