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Originally posted by t398
I got almost every script working etc... but i wonder , if my sitebot announces a new Release: it shows something like this :

[HD][DEFUALT]+New game..................................

I wonder why [DEFAULT] remains it should be the section it announces.
Since in the .tcl file is mentioned : DON'T REMOVE ANY MSGTYPES (RACE & DEFAULT) !!!

I think it has to do with this => i haven't changed anything with DEFAULT

Can someone please tell me what i should change ?
thx in advance

very simple DEFAULT is used when the current section is not defined as one of your sections in DzBot.tcl.
if you set a chan for DEFAULT (read next to invite chan) then it annnounces the Section as DEFAULT.

You should add a Section according the /DIR you wish to announce

try im not clear enough i think you can figure it ou by reading dzbot.tcl
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