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Originally posted by DJO

I'm using v1.4.3 Build 835 on win xp pro.

1) When I click Show Desktop (The shortcut that comes default with win me / win xp and is very useful) all my flashfxp instances that are open minimize to tray. I set them to minimize to tray when I hit minimize so I guess flashfxp thinks I minimized them all and that's why it sends them to the tray. I set mIRC to minimize to tray also and that program doesn't minimize when I hit the shortcut to shwo desktop so I guess this can be fixed.

I dont see what your getting at with number 1, I think you should be writing to mirc about this one & not us, as it seams FFXP is doing what it should.

2) Allow F8 (quick connect) to be excuted even when you are trying to connect to site or even connected. If you click connect in the quick connect dialog it will automaticlly disconnect from the current site.

Quick connect is disabled for a reason, as trying to connect or use this option while connected has caused problems in the past, as for the second part of the request i'd wait for bigstar if he wants to attempt it, but I dont think its the best idea.

3) Hot key for disconnect

I have no use for this, how ever obviously you may and will be considered by bigstar.

4) Connect to a few FTP's from in the same program instance.

This has been requested and answered a number of times. Due to the current design of FFXP this is NOT possible. And will not be possible unless a complete re-write of FFXP is done, which is not planned in the near future at all.

As for options 5 & 6, bigstar can think about those
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