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Default Few Suggestions


I'm using v1.4.3 Build 835 on win xp pro.

1) When I click Show Desktop (The shortcut that comes default with win me / win xp and is very useful) all my flashfxp instances that are open minimize to tray. I set them to minimize to tray when I hit minimize so I guess flashfxp thinks I minimized them all and that's why it sends them to the tray. I set mIRC to minimize to tray also and that program doesn't minimize when I hit the shortcut to shwo desktop so I guess this can be fixed.

2) Allow F8 (quick connect) to be excuted even when you are trying to connect to site or even connected. If you click connect in the quick connect dialog it will automaticlly disconnect from the current site.

3) Hot key for disconnect

4) Connect to a few FTP's from in the same program instance.

5) Add an option to blink/flash the icon in the tray or taskbar when something happens (on connect for example) like you can make it make a noise. My thought was to let it flash untill the user double clicks on it (good for example if you have lots of instances open and you are AFK and might not hear the beep that happened when one of ur connections got through).

6) Option to set what to do on connect. Sometimes I'm trying to enter a FTP site but it is full so I set it to retry every 60sec or something. Sometimes it connects when I'm out of home or sleeping. Sometimes I know the exact filename of what I want or even better the exact path. Sometimes I want to mirror this ftp so maybe a on connect transer all or transfer *.doc or whatever can be added.

Hope this was clear enough, thanks for reading.
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