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Default Finally got it working :)

First: Thanx to MrManc & _rage_ thegod :>

SYSTEMPATH=%[$path] was already in my ioftpd.env
so i just added SYSTEMROOT=%[environment(SYSTEMROOT)] as MrManc suggested... but it seems that it didn't helped.

So, i tried the batch file solution, and finally it works
Except there was some errors in the syntax, here is what to fix :
- The SITE PRETIME syntax was wrong :
pretime = EXEC ..\scripts\path\to\where\you\put\the\batchfile.cmd
Here is the fixed syntax :
pretime = %EXEC ..\scripts\iopretime\iopretime.cmd

- The batch file syntax was wrong :
c:\ioftpd\scripts\iopretime\iopretime.exe arg
Here is the fixed syntax :
C:\ioFTPD\scripts\pretime.exe %1
(just add %2 %3 %4 %5... etc if needed)

and finally it works
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