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Your conf seems OK. Only thing I can think of that may cause problems is the "Ports = 1401-1500". Number of data transfer ports could be low. Those could easily get filled up if not closed properly (fast enough) and/or if many files are transferred at the same time (or many small files after one another). Try setting Ports to 1401-2400.

And also the "MaxUsers = -1" should work, but you never know. Try positive number and see if problem remains.

Last but not least.. Since your setup goes through a router that gets it's IP from DHCP there could a problem when the router updates it's DHCP lease and/or gets new IP. The scheduled task Service_Update is there to cover for such changes. Do you know how often the DHCP lease is renewed? You could try enabling the Service_Update task and setting it to run with closer interval than the DHCP renew. But this should of course not interfere when you connect directly to LAN IP.

You could try running ioFTPD only on your LAN for a few hours (remove the dynamic IP for the [Any]-device) and see if you still get problems with connecting to ioFTPD. If it seems to work OK, it should be some problem with the router. If same problem appears it's something else.

Hmm.. tough one.
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