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Default file system permissions

Not sure aboot this one...
but it seems to me that the vfs permissions system is somewhat not working that good. it's not really a bug... it's more the way it works... it should work differently...

For example... a 775 file should, logically, be deletable by anyone in the owner's group... but it's not...
because the .ini states: deleteown = * * and delete = * VM
so only owner can delete his file... and masters and vfs-admins...

thus, I think that all file permissions should be checked according to the file/dir permission mask, and not from the .ini

I would remove all those entries in the .ini and replace them by check for:
Upload requires w
Resume requires w
Download requires r
MakeDir requires w
RemoveDir requires w
Rename requires w
Overwrite requires w
Delete requires w

btw.. i would change the resume requires x (which is currently implemented) to resume requires w... I don't see why anyone wouldn't allow resume and allow write/delete... plus, it's confusing ppl to have to make their files 744 so that ppl can resume their own uploads...

Does that make sense ?
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