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Default private paths disappearing perms on restart

Got 2 privates paths which I created using chattr in my root dir...
When i restart io, one of the two always gets it's permissions reseted... so everyone can see it... it's always the same...

[10:13:39] SITE CHATTR +h "!ioftpd" "M"
[10:13:39] 200 CHATTR command successful.
[10:13:56] SITE CHATTR +h "!ioftpd"
[10:13:56] 200 CHATTR: M

and when I restart:

[10:14:18] SITE CHATTR +h "!ioftpd"
[10:14:18] 200 CHATTR: <value not set>


The 2nd private path I created the same way keeps it's permissions on restart...
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