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Default overwriting existing file

Maybe this is how it is supposed to work, or maybe I have a problem in my setup but...

Problem: When overwriting existing files with a smaller file the data that is not overwritten from the original file is still there.

io version: 4.6.1r
OS: win xp (no sp1)
Services: ftp - can't u/l with anything else yet

How to Reproduce: Make a simple text file that has anything, i'll just use "hello" as an example. Upload the file to the ioserver. Then edit it to have something shorter than the original like "bye". Upload it. If you then download the file it will be the size of the original larger file and have "byelo" in it...

Notes: Maybe this is just in ASCII mode I don't know but I've never seen it happen on any other ftp server so I don't think it is standard. I haven't tested the behavior when in binary mode.

Thanks in Advance,
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