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Originally posted by FTPServerTools
What would you want in the gui?
- this is a hard one to please all...

But I use IOMONITOR to simply do a site who every 200,000 ms when I want to monitor the site - does what I need as I edited
the cmd buttons to suit my needs.


If you are and when you do take on a new project it works better than most others I

For me - per user online info

total time on
bw used as in\out
currently doing up\dn\idle

ex: user \ 24:20 \ 34K \ up of whateverfile

^ your basic site who info

Per the SYSOPS end for a few cmd buttons

NEW dirs - value set ex: 100
ADD USER account
KILL USER account
KICK user
External script run - ex: run off VFSLISTER

and the basic OPEN cmd line option so we can do what cmd we a must item!

Simple is best

But if you are going for the GUI people, features are what they are looking for as too many have been raiden spolied...

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