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I also can't see a convincing argument for a GUI. I'm not a programmer, but thats a quite simple thing: The more code, the more errors/bugs.
ioFTPD is now in such a nice stable state that it would be a waste to develop a GUI now. Would just lead to new bugs, which have to be bugfixed, and new bugfixes produce new bugs again :P

ioFTPD is highly customizable without a GUI. When the http daemon is ready, the last reason for a GUI is gone.
The people who are not yet expierienced with ioFTPD can simply manage the most important functions of the ftpd by web interface.

And people who wanna customize their ioFTPD with zipscripts and such stuff, won't even want a GUI because that would a help a shit in that case. In fact a GUI is for noobs. But ioFTPD isnt.
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