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Cool 4 dark0n3

i'll only reply to developer team part you said,because other things you said understandable,make perfect sense and i got nothing to say about em :/
I dont have time for this myself,but one of my IRC buddies is
really good coder,he's interested in coding/scripting in tcl/C/C++
Raiden home page has quite a few links to his home page and his scripts he made for raiden,such as trial script or quota script...
I told him few months ago to contact you to offer some help
because he was like lazy bum at that point,spending lots of time online.So he tried,but had a problem tracking you down on IRC.
So if you would accept some help (not saying that you need any)
and pm me how to find you - i'd be happy to send the guy to you.
He's not interested in any author rights or any other copy right stuff,just likes to code and is interested in ioftpd development
because ive taught him so :P
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