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Originally posted by Ap0llon
eso- : seen it,tried it - thats not it thx for the help effort tho

Pichento : Speak for yourself,i know at least dozen of people besides me who want gui and im certain there are many more.Us

wanting GUI does not mean we cant use command line,only means
we like GUI better.

SomeoneWhoCares : "do u really believe these types of comments are gonna make someone such as dark0n3 go out of his way to

please some stupid n00b such as yourself?"

No,i just know dark0ne is way smarter than you are to be affected by the way i said it and
i did not expect him to go out of his way to "please" anyone,its a suggestion how to make
the software better because given how long its been since the beginning of development and the fact that there is still no

gui makes me think that darkone is underestimating the significance
of it for most people.
As for the stupid n00b thing - i've been trading since you were in diapers,literally.When you were learning ABC,i was

configuring tcl scripts for gl...
So,next time when a looser like yourself feels a need to insult someone to make himself feel better or whatever else reason -

i suggest you go bone a goat or whatever that is you do to relieve that mental stress

darkone: Im a coder myself,and my Uni major is networks (besides software design),so please
dont draw conclusions that someone is an imbecile just for wanting GUI
About what you said on the "target market" - do you really want your software you put so much
time into to be only for limited choice of crowd? I mean if home users are able to use it too (and small businesses),
it'll be much more popular,not to mention that those folks are the ones who might actualy pay for it

"Idea of ioFTPD was never to replace products such as Serv-U/G6 - there are plenty of "easy to use" consumer ftpds already.

ioFTPD is alternative product, to users who are seeking something different."

PLEASE - replace em :P
I'm not underestimating the demand for a GUI. However development team that consists of one coder (me), so it's not possible to please everyone. At the moment my main concern is the people who have already paid: None of them expected ioFTPD to get a real GUI (I hope) - but there are still quite a few of the promised features missing (where the most noticable are missing httpd features)

Once these original goals have been met, I might reconsider addin a GUI along with other suggested features (such as shared userbase, win9x support, and so on) - but until then, I expect you to understand that it's not humanly possible for me to include everything you request... I'm not trying to increase demand with empty promises / too high expectations. Therefore I will say NO, to every request that both majority of users (registered) and/or I find unneccessary.

Ps. Please stop bashing each other. So far I haven't used moderator priviledges to remove anyone from these forums, and I really would like to keep it that way (I understand that people, including me , are getting frustrated when these same questions are asked over, and over again... instead of spending hours browsing dictionary to find the most insulting word you can use to mock people, advice them to use search)
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