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Originally posted by -Dobe-
one way to do this is to make a new executable for the GUI and have some sort of process comunication with the existing ioftpd. that way everyone gets what they want.
One could create something like this over telnet interface.
Anyways, what comes to gui; there won't be such thing built-in. (ehh.. how many times do I need to tell you that?) I'm a network programmer & I have no experience on designing GUIs.

Idea of ioFTPD was never to replace products such as Serv-U/G6 - there are plenty of "easy to use" consumer ftpds already. ioFTPD is alternative product, to users who are seeking something different.

Ps. I'm fully aware that not everyone is capable of using notepad; those users don't belong to our target market segment - so worry not.
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