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Originally posted by Ap0llon
I'm sick of seeing in the screenshots section "Although ioftpd doesnt have a gui yet,this is one of our future developments... blah blah..." for months now.You try to fix lots of insignificant
performance bugs all the time,but the realy big one,lack of GUI
remains not fixed.
do u really believe these types of comments are gonna make someone such as dark0n3 go out of his way to please some stupid n00b such as yourself?

and in regards to the GUI, speak for yourself, I for one could care less for a gui , i think the http admin interface seems very promising, and that the need for a gui is not essential but maybe just icing on the cake, and we all know icing makes you fat, do u wanna be fat Ap0llon? ...normally once your site is setup then thats it, no further use for a gui would really be required, although realtime monitoring/spy on users would be nice like in serv-u or g6..but not critical.
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