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Angry We Want Gui!

Sup y'all
This is rather a question than suggestion for dark0ne
I know a whole bunch of people,including myself who are still
stuck with raiden (although they know for a fact ioftpd kicks raiden's ass) for only one reason: NO GUI. I mean c'mon,this is WINBLOWS users you are dealing with.GUI is like oxigen here.
I'm sick of seeing in the screenshots section "Although ioftpd doesnt have a gui yet,this is one of our future developments... blah blah..." for months now.You try to fix lots of insignificant
performance bugs all the time,but the realy big one,lack of GUI
remains not fixed.You want the popularity of your software to grow 10x instantly? GET A GUI! You can start by replacing that annoying msg from screenshots section with ETA
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