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Default [SOLVED] new dir error help

Had some heavy site activity last night, a few thousand dirs were created. After a while site dupe <argument> stopped working.

[14:50:30] [R] site dupe mickey mouse
[14:50:31] [R] 200 Command successful.

below is from the error log, anyone have a clue how to fix?

"D:\ioFTPD\scripts\newdir\OnSiteDupe.itcl" terminated abnormally
--------------------------- ErrorInfo ----------------------------
unmatched open brace in list
while executing
"llength $dupefile"
(procedure "nd_read_dupelog" line 6)
invoked from within
"nd_read_dupelog $searchstrs"
(procedure "nd_onsitedupe" line 20)
invoked from within
(file "D:\ioFTPD\scripts\newdir\OnSiteDupe.itcl" line 98)

*edit* problem solved apparently a dir with { wich somehow was made and added to the list broke wich broke newdir. deleting that entry solved the problem.
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