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I just realised that my example wouldn't work because the script is called each time a dir is created, and it's not a continuous process, so $previous would have to be stored in tempfile.

Maybe it could be filtered out ... like /section_path/ ... Additionnal filers may be necessary for CD/DVD/DiSC, also for dated dir %m%d and additionally, for those who use a higher hierarchy like /incoming/section (supported by newdir in ND_SUBSTRINGS)...

All this are way beyond my undrestanding of regex, but our tcl experts here may be able to help Incidently, old newdir didn't store the $pwd I think. Is it necessary at all?

Hopefully bounty will be up soon to give some answers.

Furthermore, (I just thought about it a bit more) the previous in queue (i.e. $pwd) could be a different section! and the log looks like:


1321465466 Uploader section2 /incoming/section1/ .is.section2.type new.release
so maybe like you mentioned in your post, it should be made relative to the way mkd is passed, and treat it from there. I just realised the implication of your filter

if mkd is relative.path -> log from $pwd
if mkd is /absolute/path -> log by filtering from $path (or whatever the variable is in this case, I'm nore limited in TCL than in logic
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