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Originally posted by luke2k4
hey bounty n1 script, but i get this fuc*i* error..

04-23-2004 16:44:42 "..\scripts\newdir\OnPreList.itcl" terminated abnormally
--------------------------- ErrorInfo ----------------------------
can't read "ND_DISABLE(cache)": no such variable
    while executing
"if { $ND_DISABLE(cache) == 0 } { iorefresh }
    (file "..\scripts\newdir\OnPreList.itcl" line 13)
i saw this in this thread but without any solutions... i cant logon anymore and the ftp stops with the listing, my io version should be new enough ;o(

it also doesnt log to newdir.txt , dupedir.txt or dupefile.txt they are only 0byte files ;o(

if there is no chance, what would be a possible alternative to see latest dirs ?!

is the init.itcl from newdir is correctly installed ?
you have some alternatives like stormnew or ioCMDnew or ioBanana
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