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I totally agree with Mouton on this one.

It's not good to make something as advanced as ioFTPD look simple. It might take some knowledge and configuration to get it to work just the way you want. But then again.. it's very easy to get the ftpd running for i.e. transferring files at a LAN party or whatever, just set the VFS up, login, chmod a upload dir (if needed) and add a couple of users. Done! It's almost too easy, but at the same time it's a highly advanced network application.

ioFTPD's performance is impressive! Just the other day I wanted to transfer a couple of big files between two XP-machines on a 100Mbit LAN. I downloaded the 4.6.2u set the ftp root to where the files were, ran ftp.exe from the other machine and started transferring the files. I can tell this much.. the speed was a constant 11583.8kB/s! Intel PRO100 nics and Dlink switch, default buffer settings in ioFTPD btw.

And to say something about n00bs.. I started using ioFTPD in October 2002. Much has happened since then, ioFTPD has become even more advanced and tons of new features has been added. If you are a fast learner (like myself, no longer a n00b I would say) it doesn't take much effort to become familiar with anything in ioFTPD. I used the trial-n-error method alot at first to learn how the commands worked etc. Due to ioFTPD's very very very fast development and the lack of documentation I started to write down everything I could think of that is useful to know when setting up and using ioFTPD. If you read the documentation, beginning to end, a couple of times you see it contains quite alot of information. A little too much information for your average n00b it seems. And as both Dark0n3 and Archimede had told me "it doesn't matter how well everything is documented, you always get alot of questions". That is very true.

I write too much I know.
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