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I tnink that is a great ftpd but it need to be simple
Would have to disagree on that...
It's not always possible / better to make things simple... In this case, making ioftpd installation 'simpler' would, I think, lure un-initiated users to io, thinking it's a cool new ftp daemon.. and it even got an installer... why not try it out! Well, managing and configuring isn't that easy... And probably never will when u have so much options...

As Dark0n3 said on a couple of occasions, io isn't targeted at the same market share as g6 or serv-u... So I'd think taking time to 'package' io, in order to bring more 'noobies' (no disrespect intended here to anyone!) to io, would be a waste of efforts... Including the efforts of all the ppl who idle in #ioftpd to answer io-newbies questions. Keep 'em informed guys!! eheh

That said... That's just me...... (and a partial quote from dark0n3!)
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