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Question 1:

ok I have installed ioTrial (v5.2.4d) on sites with an existing user/group database. My question is if I need to re-add all users who are currently on trial/quota to the ioTrial script.

Because on '!passed User1' it says:
- "User [User1/Trial] is not in trial/quota database.

And on !trials it says:
- "[TRIAL] No Users in Trial."

So to have all users on trial/quota on all sites combined, I will have to re-add all of them to the HUB , is this right?

Question 2:
If there will be added new sites, how does that work with ioTrial?
Does the HUB automatically see the quota's/trials on that site when the users/groups folders are copied/pasted ?

- thanx a lot !-
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