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- added some more trial commands. (only 1) hehehe
- custom errors requested by dobber.
- change some 'date' handling methods.

^ I changed the way dates get handled becuase maybe in the future you will be able to connect multiple io's together =P , and you want to share io dat files. Some windows OS have different ways of setting dates (mm/dd/yyyy , dd-mm-yy , etc). So I set a specific format. mm/dd/yyyy

- you might want to re-add users or open ioFTPD.dat and change the "trial_ends" date to this format if your upgrading from 2.18 (changing the date yourself might be risky. just make a backup of the dat file, and re-add users, then 'give' [site trial give <user> <kb>] upload credits from the old dat file)

!(site prefix)trial <-- shows how many users are on trial.
!(site prefix)trialstats <user> <-- shows info on user

SnypeTEST: !trial
SnypeBOT: -TEST- [TRIAL] + There are 2 user(s) on trial.

I will add more info to !trial when I get the chance. I will be very busy this week and next week. happy to say that my last release 2.18 was 'stable' (atleast I hope so) So I am going to work from there and change some bits of the code to be more effecient and faster.

thanks dobber for help with the "bugs" in my previous releases.
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