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tks,i use eggdrop -nt,and when i run !dvdbw ,the error message changed to :
can't locate application.
and windrop log error message:
Tcl error [proc_bandwidth]: child process exited abnormally.
my dZSbot.tcl file config like this:

set binary(PASSCHK) "c:/ioftpd/system/ioPasswd.exe"
set binary(DF) "c:/ioftpd/system/df.exe"
set binary(BNCTEST) "c:/ioftpd/system/bnctest.exe"
set binary(MKDIR) "c:/ioftpd/system/mkdir.exe"
set binary(IOA) "c:/ioftpd/ioA/ioa.exe"
set binary(SITEWHO) "C:/windrop/sitewho.exe"
set binary(UNDUPE) "c:/ioftpd/scripts/undupe.exe"

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