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I've got a similar problem...

I've got 2 computers. The first is a windos 2000 pro. box, the second is a redhat linux 7.2 box running ProFTPD. Both computers are connected to the internet via the DSL-router Linksys BEFSR41. I have the port range 60000-65535 forwarded to the ftp-server in order to make passive ftp work correctly. Further on, my ftp uses port 6384, so the ports 6383 & 6384 are also forwarded to the ftp-server. ProFTPD is configured to accept data-connections from foreign ip addresses, of course.

If I try to initiate a fxp-transfer from some ftp-server to my own ftp-server (using FlashFXP 1.4.3 build 835 on the win2000 box) everything is working smoothly.

If a friend of mine tries to initialize the same fxp-transfer from his win98 box using version 1.2 of FlashFXP, about 3 files á 20mb transfer correctly. However, FlashFXP won't continue transfering any further files after the fourth has been transmitted. It hangs at the end of the transfer and he gets two messages that say "226 Transfer complete.". FlashFXP will only continue sending the files if he presses the "Abort"-button once and then tries to transfer the queue again. Playing with the "Alternative (FXP) site to site method" doesn't help at all.

The strange thing is, that I have no problems with the same transfer and exactly the same settings, while my pal has. By the way, I have no possibility to set connection timeouts in my router-settings.

If nobody knows help, i'll go through the hard work of analyzing the TCP/IP dump of the transfer
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