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Default ioA nuke issue & new idea (to WarC)

when user1 create dir, eg. some.dir-some.grp and then i nuke it everything goes fine. [nuked]-some.dir-some.grp created etc.

but.. user2 some hours later also create the same dir: some.dir-some.grp and i have to nuke it/him too (with some reasons i dont want to delete the first nuked dir, i want it to be in dir) and then problem shows:

200-Target directory already exist.
200-Please remove that and try again

ofcourse i know why is that, it's obvious, so here come small req for the nearest ioA version:

option to modify nuke that way ioA could create sth like that (if the same nuked dir exists in the same dir):



i would be cool if script would autodetect when nuking if the dir with the same name was nuked ealier so it can change [NUKED?]- automaticly

or just to solve that in another way...

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