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Default Re: 3 suggestions/Wishes

Originally posted by |di|
- We could change the icon of the systray. Should be quite nothing to implement, I don't like my boss seeing my desktop with a FlashFXP icon... For him, FTP means file transfer, means warez, means etc... You know what I mean
I'm not sure if bigstar has any alternate icons, but if someone were to make some...
- The second suggestion is to add support for the 4th and 5th buttons of a mouse like the MS Explorer cordless mouse: For example, if you click on the 4th, it "makes CD..". It could be very nice for the custom commands !
I suppose that's possible, yes. I think those two has been overlooked.
- Taking about "makes CD..", it could be good to move to the parent dir with the Backspace key... I think it's a common shortcut imho
It is, and it already supports it.
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