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Originally posted by gulu
is it possible to add a kind of user-download-priority-feature? i mean if some special users login and start downloading that they get most of bandwith?
Priority algorithms are very complicated, and there is no easy way to setup priorities either. I'm not sure, if my current math skills are up to such task (and I really doubt that 99% of users would even know what they're doing, when setting up those priorities)


Users are to be served in priority order until their transmit limit is reached (lower priority means higher change to get bandwidth requested) Users with same priority level should get equal amount of bandwidth available for their group. Group's limit is to be divided equally to each user online for that group (If user does not spend all bandwidth reserved for him, it should be divided with users that could still use more bandwidth) None of the connections may stall for long perioid.

Group0: May use 100% of available bandwidth with priority level 0
Group1: May use 100% with priority level 1
Group2: May use 50% with priority level 10
Group3: May use 10% with priority level 10

There are 3 users from Group0, 2 users from Group1, 5 users from Group2 and 80users from Group3.

... Go figure; not gonna happend in ioftpd, if you want price to stay sub 1000$ per license
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