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Great script have a few remarks though

First off sometimes when there's alot of people racing the total % is somewhat off, sometimes like a combined 104% or something simular.

Second, it would be nice if you'd flush() during a rescan, with a DVDR release you timeout now while rescanning because it will only give you results of the scan after its completely finished.

In the default install of pSio, the Group Top part per group has a typo, the $FILES cookie isn't showing correctly because its shown as %3[$FILES$R]F in stead of %03[$FILES$R]F (Using %3 in stead of %03 makes it not work

Fourth, it sometimes announces stats for a race twice, the 2nd announce always has 1 file more then the previous, so a CD is finished twice for instance. This is random though.
Today it announced something 7 times, it announced teh first time even though 1 file had a bad SFV, when i reupped this file during the announcing of complete it announced it another 6 times. Originally the dir said 100% Complete, after making it -really- complete it deleted the complete dir and a rescan was needed in order to get the completed dir back.

Fifth: Also speed seems to be somewhat off (This is the part for ioFTPD.message btw, the stats during a race is just fine.)
PHP Code:
250xxxxxxx                 609.5M         43F        89.6%       8431KBs
xxx                      71.5M          5F        10.4%        297KBs
2502   Total                 681M         48F       100.0%     436400KBs 
Other then that, great script

Using pSio 0.23b, ioFTPd 5.2.10, ioA 0.8.1 + dSZbot.
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