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here's a quick peak

new features
- added unlimited mutli-thread support, so you can have 100 racers and the sfv checker wont mess up, hehehe (still testing)
- dzs bot support (look below to see what I am up to)

SnypeBOT: -TEST- [MP3] + New Release: MP3/Ms._Jade-Girl_Interupted-2002-WHOA (Ms._Jade-Girl_Interupted-2002-WHOA) by snype@ioftpd
SnypeBOT: -TEST- [MP3] + Got SFV for Ms._Jade-Girl_Interupted-2002-WHOA. Expecting 17F.
SnypeBOT: -TEST- [MP3] + snype1 is racing [ ioFTPD ] on Ms._Jade-Girl_Interupted-2002-WHOA @ 978kB/s.
SnypeBOT: -TEST- [MP3] + snype3 is racing [ ioFTPD,snype1 ] on Ms._Jade-Girl_Interupted-2002-WHOA @ 555kB/s.
SnypeBOT: -TEST- [MP3] + snyp4 is racing [ ioFTPD,snype1,snype3 ] on Ms._Jade-Girl_Interupted-2002-WHOA @ 401kB/s.
SnypeBOT: -TEST- [MP3] + snype2 is racing [ ioFTPD,snype1,snype3,snyp4 ] on Ms._Jade-Girl_Interupted-2002-WHOA @ 332kB/s.
SnypeBOT: -TEST- [MP3] + Ms._Jade-Girl_Interupted-2002-WHOA was completed by 5 Racer(s). Slowest average speed upload by snyp4 at 2KB/S. Fastest average upload speed by snype3 at 675KB/S.
SnypeBOT: -TEST- [MP3] + UserTop:
SnypeBOT: -TEST- [MP3] + 1. ioFTPD [4F/675KB/s]
SnypeBOT: -TEST- [MP3] + 2. snype1 [3F/675KB/s]
SnypeBOT: -TEST- [MP3] + 3. snype3 [3F/675KB/s]
SnypeBOT: -TEST- [MP3] + 4. snyp4 [2F/675KB/s]
SnypeBOT: -TEST- [MP3] + 5. snype2 [2F/675KB/s]

looking for people to test the multi thread feature.
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