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Great Work !! Sitebot is working near perfection

But one bug is killing me. The Race announcing for zip-dirs isn't working properly. It does recognize the zip's and extracts the diz but on completion the bot announcement is kinda ****ed up.

(08:56:23) _(^noname) -XXX- [E-BOOKZ] + New Release: E-BOOKZ/Test.Book.Release-BLEH (Test.Book.Release-BLEH) by crunch@SiteOP's
(08:56:33) _(^noname) -XXX- [E-BOOKZ] + Got DiZ for Test.Book.Release-BLEH. Expecting 0.4mB in 1F
(08:56:33) _(^noname) -XXX- [E-BOOKZ] + Test.Book.Release-BLEH [ 0
The last line should be the complete announcement but as u can see it is not.
Maybe anyone can help me to fix this ?
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