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Exclamation ioFTPDex.exe crash

When I try to login with user who has uid:gid 0:0 I get this in Error.log:
02-12-2003 11:13:42 Host 'Zer0@' did not match any of user '(null)' allowed hosts.
If my memory serves me right, this is an error a few guys have been asking about on efnet.

This user has IP *@ So I tried to login to loopback.
02-12-2003 11:40:51 LOGIN: "FTP_Service" "(null)" "ioftpd" "0" "Zer0@
ioFTPDex.exe crashed.

The standard ioFTPD.exe for v4.1.0 doesn't crash. Edit: Might crash anyway cause this problem only seems to appear after a couple of hours uptime.
02-12-2003 11:44:31 LOGIN: "FTP_Service" "ioftpd" "ioftpd" "0" "Zer0@"
VFS shows correct owner.
Stats work too.
200-| 01 | zer0racer @ crew | 954.6 |
200-| 04 | ioftpd @ ioftpd | 0.0 |
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