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Default Problem with UID 0, GID 0 and '(null)'

ioFTPD v4.1.0 + ioFTPDex.exe
Win2K Pro SP3

I think I've found a problem with user (uid 0) and possibly users in group with gid 0. Seems they are treated as 'nobody' or 'null'.

It started when I checked some stats. The username for 0:0 did not show in the stats listing:
200-| 01 | zer0racer @ crew | 954.6 |
200-| 04 | @ ioftpd | 0.0 |

And all folders in VFS owned by 0:0 is now owned by 'nobody'.
SITE CHOWN ioftpd temp
200 CHOWN command successful.
But still owned by 'nobody'.

And I suspect there is a connection to another strange error I got the other day. First I did a 'site who' and noone showed up (not even me). And there was another user downloading. Only who header and footer were displayed. I decided to logout. ioFTPD.log:
02-11-2003 10:11:02 LOGOUT: "FTP_Service" "" "crew" "siteop" "Zer0@"
Looks like the username got a 'null' value here too. This problem doesn't appear instantly. This was after ioFTPD had been running for several hours, even a day or two.

And then restarted ioFTPD. The logout below was logged in ioFTPD.log:
02-11-2003 10:19:18 LOGOUT: "FTP_Service" "" "ind" "No Tagline Set" "*@[censored]"
This confirms that another user was logged in at the time.

Prior to that my Error.log showed alot of lines where a user was denied login due to lack of privileges, even if my services config allows login for all users '*'.

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