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It seems to me that the rescan feature aint working 100% yet.

Since when delling files and/or delling/reupping sfv it will automatically update the dir (which worx nice btw) i though that the rescan feature aint really usefull now.

Since it aint working for me if i **** the files up using windows.
Try deleting some files from a completed dir, or rename file 001 to 002 for example, then do a site rescan and it will not rescan those files. It even marks the 002 file as ok..
The deleted files it doesnt show in the rescan (logically) but it also doesnt create / mark them as gone when finished rescanning.
Some example output:
site rescan
200- .---------==[ ioZS v0.96 ]-=-[ by StarDog, (c)2003 ]==------------.
200- | + CRC32-oK: 01-red_hot_chili_peppers-cant_stop-ksi.mp3 |
200- | + CRC32-oK: 02-audioslave-show_me_how_to_live-ksi.mp3 |
200- | + CRC32-oK: 19-july_for_kings-new_black_car-ksi.mp3 |
200- +-----------------------------------------------------------------+
200- | Rescan Total: 19, Passed: 19, Failed: 0, Missing: 0 |

As you can see only 3 files are still on my HD, and even though it doesnt list the other 16 it counts them as passed. Oh yea and file 02 is same as 19 in this test, so it shouldve marked file 02 as bad...

Hope i could help ya a bit
/edit as you said above:
* ioZS will now create a -missing file during rescan if a -missing file does not already exist, and MISSING=1 in ioZS.ini.
This is also not happening. So its like im running old version or something, but im not clean install made 10 hours ago.

Some total other thing which irritated me on tjzip+r* already:
When people up a single file to for example /Requests, it makes 2 useless incomplete dirs, 1 in root and 1 in the request dir.
Cant it be made like glftpd, so it only makes complete dirs when there is actually a sfv, not on lose files... This might be tricky with the zips then though, but would be nice that people at least can up single mp3's rar's etc Maybe some added option in the ini file to specify dirs for nocheck would be easier.
"EXCLUDEDIRS=c:\FTP\Requests\" is no option here since it will also exclude new dirs inside. So maybe bind this exclude dir only to 1 dir, and specify "c:\FTP\Requests\*" if you want all dirs inside also excluded..
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