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Exclamation v0.96 Released

I'll give you a present on my birthday.

From the Changelog:

03/07/2003 v0.96
* ioZS will now create a -missing file during rescan if a -missing file does not already exist, and MISSING=1 in ioZS.ini.
* During rescans, bad files were not renamed to *.bad.
* When an MP3 failed CRC check, it would output that the CRC was ok, and all the MP3 ID3 tag info, then say it failed. Now it outputs correctly.
* If a multi-CD MP3 was sorted, it would link to the last CD completed, now it will properly link to the release parent folder.
* Now if a bad file is renamed to .bad, ioZS will remove the -missing file.
* Added ioZSCleanup.exe to the package. This is ONLY needed if you are using ioZS to sort MP3 dirs. This program can be run as a site command, or automatically through the ioFTPD scheduler to clean up 'dead' links (folders that are linked to a directory that does not exsist anymore). To add to the scheduler add the following to the ioFTPD.ini under [Scheduler]:
ioZSCleanup = 59 23 * * ..\scripts\ioZS\ioZSCleanup.exe quiet

No ini file changes, just copy over the .exes and if using links, do something with the ioZSCleanup.exe.


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