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DR.GB: I assume both problems you mentioned are in the .message file Progress line. I think I know what the problem is, it appears that windows has trouble keeping up with writing and closing files correctly, as I've seen many Access Denied errrors when trying to update the .message file. I've elleviated the problem by simply deleting the file before attempting to update it now (damn I hate having to do that extra IO ).

Gotrekk: I've tried your test and it seems to work fine everytime. I'm adding some errorlogging functions as I add/update code, so perhaps I can find an error somewhere. I will think of how to add your suggestion in a future release...but first I have some much better options I'm working on

Already the next release will add the ability to work with third-party scripts (like dZSbot's IMBD feature) to import extra files to the .message file, and to cleanup extra file/dir tags created by those scripts with ioZS postdel function.


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