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w0000000t very fast and working great ))
My compliments dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
just one little "bug" ? bug ? maybe... try uploading a .sfv file of 50+ rar files release... and without uploading anything, delete that .sfv file. what happens ? my ftp hangs on and i need to reconnect. sfv files is no more there but i still have some missing files. just my error ? let me know please

ah.. can i suggest a nice feature ? i'll :P
dunno if it's hard or not... but it should be cool (for me at least):
Something like incomplete tag outside release dir... but is possibile to have a nosfv/nonfo (dir) tag outside release dir ?
for ex:
i have:
and if there is nonfo/sfv i'll have:

hope i was kinda clear on my explanation with my sucky english :P

thx in advice for your patience... and go on with your good work

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