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Do you get any output from the script, like that the file checked ok, and race info? If not, then its either not being run properly, or you don't have .NET framework installed.

If it's working correctly, you should see like:
150 Opening BINARY mode data connection for
226- .-----==[ v0.88 ]-=-[ by StarDog, (c)2003 ]==------------.
226- | + ZIP-oK: |
226- +----====---------------===[UserTop]====------------------====----+
226- | 1. StarDog 8.5MB 4F 100.00% 3904kB/s |
226- +----====---------------===[GroupTop]===------------------====----+
226- | 1. STAFF 8.5MB 4F 100.00% 3904kB/s |
226- `--------------------------------======---------------------------'
226- Elapsed Time: 172 ms

If you see something like that and its still not creating the tags, try copying the UP_TAG,PROGRESS_TAG, and INCOMPLETE_PARENT settings from the supplied .ini file.

Also, be sure there are no spaces after the '=' in the ini file. Like UP_TAG= 1 is bad. It should be UP_TAG=1


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